~ wellness is a state of mind, body and spirit

Hello again,

You are here for a reason. Maybe it’s just curiosity – or maybe you are looking for something specific.

Either way you are in the right place.

How do I know this?

Of course, I cannot be sure. But something about this page has caught your attention. And attention is valuable, so I’ll make sure not to waste your time.

As a certified occupational therapist, I’ve looked at the concept of wellness from many different angles.

In fact, when I first heard about it my mind was completely blown. I loved the idea that wellness is not the absence of illness. But rather, how we feel about our current circumstances and what we make of them – WOW right?

Wellness is:

the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

This is the official definition. But what it doesn’t explain is that health is also multi-faceted (emotional, physical, mental…). One thing I will never forget from my training was a study in which was proven that people living with chronic pain, could have the same level of happiness as people living without such a condition.

This means their level of wellness was not impacted by the chronic pain per se! Therefore their health is not purely defined by absence of illness either.

If you fundamentally disagree with this, this is probably the moment to move on – don’t worry I won’t mind 😉

But if you are at least intrigued, stay with me for a little longer…

Since learning about wellness I’ve dedicated my life to creating wellness. For myself, the people around me and on a professional level for my clients and community.

Wellness touches on all aspects of our lives. And achieving more wellness in one area has a positive ripple effect on your entire life.

I love when things are simple, achievable, effective and holistic. When it comes to wellness, all of this is true.

You can achieve a lovely domino effect with making one, small, doable change, consistently…

I have dedicated my life to helping people crack the wellness code and achieving a higher level of wellness (which leads to happiness and fulfilment) in their own lives. The BEST thing is, that wellness is quite contagious and can spread throughout our personal networks.

I want to be a part of wellness GOING VIRAL – are you with me?

Where to start?

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