~ for those looking after your loved one’s wellness

Hello kindred spirit,

so you are the health warrior in your family or circle. You are the one looking after everyone’s wellness – and hopefully your own?

It seems we have a lot in common, at least when it comes to our mission and purpose. 🙂

So let’s talk about what you can find here:

Within my work I am focusing on those areas that I have found to make a fundamental difference in my life and the lives of my clients.

I am always learning, updating my knowledge and expanding my experience. So this is a current list, which may or may not change in the future:


I am sure this is an easy one to agree on. Nutrition is the basis for good health (physically, mentally and emotionally).

I personally want to live a long, vital, healthy and fulfilled live. The key to this is a balanced and minimally processed whole foods diet, complemented by the right supplements.

With the right nutrition (macronutrients, vitamins, minerals) our body has the essential building blocks that it needs to function optimally.

Have you ever noticed how it’s so much easier to eat well, sleep enough and move enough when you are well nourished? And how all of this is really hard when you are not?

As a nutrition coach I work with people that are ready to implement a nutrient dense diet for life.

If you are interested in working with me, let me know!

Disclaimer: Due to a lack of personal experience with the vegan diet I am not currently taking clients wanting to abstain from all animal products. I do however have some excellent colleagues that I would be happy to refer you to.

Overall Wellness

Optimal wellness looks differently for everyone. And that’s exactly what I love about my job!

When I became an Occupational Therapist, the one thing that I kept telling everyone about was how I got to make an individual therapy plan for each client. In reality, that wasn’t quite the case, but that’s a different story…

I’ve found my way to make that a reality and as I’ve expanded my knowledge and portfolio of skills over the years I am now able to create individual wellness plans with and for my clients.

I am a big fans of all things natural and believe Mother Nature has truly provided us with everything we need. In addition, I’ve seen people’s lives changed dramatically when they started taking a holistic approach to their wellness. This means: looking at the entire person, considering their individuality and coming up with a plan that works for them.

Mother Nature was man’s first remedy – EVERYTHING we need can be found there

If you are open to natural forms of wellness and you would like to learn more, press the button below and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Natural Infant Hygiene (no more nappies)

Most of us think of our children before we think of ourselves. Not that we should neglect ourselves! But this is in our instincts as parents.

Like many of you, I became an avid researcher during pregnancy. I wanted to be the best mum I could be. And that’s not putting pressure on myself. I actually don’t feel a need to be perfect. I do however want to do the best I can. That’s an expectation I have of myself.

I believe that everyone has a birthright. This birthright is to have the opportunity to grow into the best versions of ourselves. I see it as my job to enable my son to fulfil his natural potential as long as he is in my care. What he does with that opportunity is ultimately up to himself.

How does that relate to infant hygiene? Great question!

Some of the decisions I took as a mum were fairly simple (more so than their execution 😉 ). I wanted to be a gentle and conscious parent. I am committed to treating my son with respect and as individual. I also knew it was important to me to be responsible towards our environment. As much as my son is the future, the earth I leave him with is his future…

What really brought this home for me was when I learned:

  • The average child uses up to 5,000 nappies on his/her way to being potty trained.
  • These nappies end up in the local landfill where they can take up to 500 years to decompose.

And when you think about it, how do we know it’s 500 years? We clearly can’t say that from experience!

In addition to that a lot of commercially available nappies include nasty chemicals – the kind that I am trying to keep my child away from. Long story short, I had luckily learned about cloth nappies during pregnancy and was determined to do my part to take care of my child’s hygiene needs in a sustainable way.

And then I had heard of EC, or Elimination Communication. In all honesty, it sounded like a lot of work and quite the hippy thing to do. With all the other overwhelm going on as a new mum I opted out of this particular “trend”.

About 2 months into being a mum, when I was on the road to recovery and feeling ready for new challenges again, I got curious about what this crazy EC actually was. It’s not really like me to dismiss things out of hand and I thought I should at least find out what it was all about. So I searched and found this life-changing video on YouTube.

I started EC the same day… and the rest is history as they say.

I have since trained as EC Consultant with Andrea from Go Diaper Free and am helping other parents achieve the same success we had with getting rid of nappies for good.

Secret tip: Especially dads love this way of being able to connect with their baby. They are also usually really good at it!

This may all sound crazy to you and I don’t blame you! It sounded completely crazy to me. But if you are thinking about it or you are at least curious, let me know below so I can connect you to either a local Meetup or set up a time for us to have a quick chat.

Natural Living

By now you will know that I am a big fan of natural living. This means sustainable, local, conscious and high quality in everything I do.

When I started on my natural living journey, I found it really hard to know what was what. Everything seemed a lot of effort. Changing habits is hard! I would have loved for someone to take me by the hand and help me implement things step by step as I was ready for them.

While there are things you absolutely have to do on your own because they are the basis of bigger decisions and you need to have a full understanding on the situation, there are other things that can be a lot simpler with a guide by your side.

This was the foundation of Irish Wellness Fairy. When I thought of what made the biggest difference in my natural living journey, the people that supported me through this process came to mind. Some of you might have heard of the role of a doula.

The word doula (pronounced DOO-luh) comes from ancient Greek and translates to handmaiden or servant.

Another definition I’ve heard is “a mother for the mother”. I love the idea of a doula for every woman. Birth doulas are probably the best known type of doula but there are doulas for other situations too (for example postpartum – my favourite, or end of life).

The vision I had in mind when creating Irish Wellness Fairy was to provide support to every woman on a natural health journey, when she needed it. A life doula is a bit like a fairy godmother that appears to support the heroine of the story until she is able to carry on by herself. I love that mental image ❤️

So if this is you… if you are feeling confused or overwhelmed, or generally a little stuck, or just in need for a listening ear to talk things through… let me match you with your personal fairy godmother who will help you find your way.